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An insider’s guide to shopping in Bali: 21 quality designer boutiques in Seminyak

Most people come to the tropics of Asia for the sunshine and cheap booze. But some of us, who find the meaning of life in the perfect LBD, plan our entire holiday around the destination with the best shopping. We plan our daily itinerary based on boutiques and bazaars and markets and malls, with the cultural sights getting a look in if they are really lucky.

And we arrive prepared: with empty suitcases.

Well clothes crazed individuals, we’ve got good news for you – Bali is a shopping mecca.

The fashion scene is exploding and filled to the brim with talented designers. When people here swipe their travel plastic and pull out their thousands of Rupiah bills, they do it with the intention to splurge.

With Bali’s constant influx of tourists and the fact that, hey, you can never have too many bikinis, the island of the Gods always makes room for exciting independent boutiques that buck the big box trends.

where to buy bikini boutique bali

When your shopping mission to all of Seminyak’s best designer boutiques is complete, you’ll look as though you’ve jumped right out of the pages of Vogue: Resort Style Edition (and so might your living room when you get home).

But before we grace you with the glory of Seminyak’s best shopping, we’ll share a few Bali shopping survival tips. Because preparation is the key to success when you’re zipping about Bali on a serious shopping mission.

Shopping in Bali: Insider tips & tricks

How many days do I need? Ideally, give yourself three days. One day to tackle greater Seminyak, a day for Petitenget and a final day to check out the boutiques in Oberoi and celebrate a successful shopping soiree with a sundown cocktail at Ku De Ta. If you’re feeling particularly frivolous, perhaps even a fourth day is in order to go back to any stores you might have overlooked.

Should I get a driver? Yes. It’s great to have an air-conditioned and sheltered ride from store to store (and a trunk for your junk). But you’ll be creeping along in traffic, the driver will have a hard time finding parking, and he might start moaning at some stage in your shopping marathon, which is a real downer. However the last thing you want to do is try on gorgeous frocks over a body drenched in sweat and dirt and dust. Tip generously for cheerful cooperation.

Can I bargain in-store? Nope. Haggling in designer boutiques of Bali will not fly. That is unless you’re after a wholesale order (over US$10k). Upmarket boutiques in Bali have a fixed price policy and the sales staff aren’t authorised to give discounts. But with the fabulous deals, already-bargain prices on designer goods and sweet exchange rates, you’ve already scored a bargain.

What should I wear? Comfy slip-on shoes and a fitting-room friendly outfit that’s easy to get on and easy to get off. Only take a small bag that won’t get in the way, especially when you’re whirling about the breakables section.

Can I get large items delivered to my villa? Why of course! If you’re shopping for homewares such as fragile vases, lamps, mirrors, piles and piles of cushions and other bulky items, you can get them delivered to your villa. Life is so much easier in Bali.

Should I get excess baggage for the flight home? Always. And don’t underestimate how much a spot of shopping can weigh at the airport counter. Just one pair of shoes can weigh up to 2kg! If you’re stocking up on linens, cushions and an assortment of I-had-to-have-it accessories for the home, err on the side of caution and purchase at least 15kg extra. That’s roughly the size of a DHL Jumbo box.

Shopping Bali’s best designer boutiques

Unlike most big cities that offer an easy drive to a mall, the convenience of underground parking and air-conditioned shopping arenas, Bali’s best boutiques are lined along the blistering hot and not-quite-complete sidewalks of Seminyak. Your shopping stamina is about to be put to the ultimate test.

The reward: a treasure trove of Bali designer fashion gold, irresistible handcrafted homewares and exquisite handmade silver jewellery for a fraction of the usual price and astronomically superior on quality and design.

Coming to Bali just to shop in the island’s best designer boutiques? Take our lead and set aside a few precious afternoons to make the pilgrimage to these limited-location posts. Here are the top 21 designer boutiques in Bali you must check out. It will be well worth the airline miles — and the extra baggage fees.


The original hipster stomping ground created by surfers Jake Macenzie and Tim Russo in 2009, Drifter embodies the soul of surfing in Bali. The inviting space has a vintage vibe and houses independent works of those that are redefining a culture and a generation.

They offer everything you need to kit up for an endless summer. From fins, leashes and even ukuleles, to the season’s hottest swimwear from brands like Mikoh, Acacia or NLP, along with floaty summer dresses, floral shirts and cut off jeans – if you’re all about Bali’s sophisticated surf scene, this is practically a one stop shop. Then when you need a break from trying and buying, enjoy a freshly ground espresso in their large library of personally curated books.

drifter surf store bookstore bali

Jl. Oberoi no.50 (Jl.Kayu Aya) SeminyakBali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361-733274


Magali Pascal defines Bali’s trendy Bohemian lifestyle. If you could only buy just one dress that encapsulates the essence of contemporary Bali style chic-glam, then it has to be a “Borgeous Bohème” frock from Magali Pascal. Her exquisite designs are surprisingly wearable. But you’ll never know just looking at the garment dangling from the rack. Try it on!

Collection after collection, Pascal makes our jaws hit the sidewalk. Her unique style is a perfect balance of French style and elegance, effortless chic and easy-to-wear glam. The garments, made in Bali, are a feminine combination of luxurious silks, lace and organic fabrics that will take you from day to night. We can’t think of another designer who pulls this off better than Pascal.

magali pascal best fashion designer bali

Magali Pascal Seminyak Store
Jl. Raya Seminyak no.65 Seminyak Bali
Tel: +62 361-737907 


Where do Hollywood stars such like Katie Perry and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame shop when they’re in Bali? Answer: This is a love song. Founded in 2010, this concept shop and in-house label brings local and international brands together in one must-shop boutique. A first of its kind in Bali, the store currently stocks; house label This Is A Love Song, La Douche Vita, Rbrth, Triwa, Lomography, MyPetSquare, SIxteendscale, Obey, Miss Milne and loads more cult labels you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

this is a love song bali fashion boutique

This is a love song
Jl. Kayu Aya No. 3 Seminyak Bali
Tel: +62 361 9130713


Biasa means ordinary in Bahasa, although there’s nothing ordinary about the price tags or the garb here! That’s just a local joke amongst the locals who’ve watched this Bali-grown brand explode. Today, Biasa is one of the most established and unique fashion and lifestyle brands on the island.

Recently, the Seminyak gallery was transformed into an art and lifestyle haven. If that sounds too cool for your radar, give it a second look. Once a month on a Saturday, stands offering organic food, juices and live music set up shop in the store’s homely backyard. So if you’re on the verge of shopping overkill, retreat here. Plus, it’s a great way to socialize and exchange shopping tips with Bali expats and long-time visitors.

BIASA’s Christmas market is on December 13th – you can jump onto their facebook page to find out more.

biasa boutique bali

Jalan Raya Seminyak 34, Bali (near Bintang supermarket)
Tel: +62 (0)361 8475766


The Lily Jean woman is multi-faceted, and loves beautiful, wearable garments. Lily Jean is all about trendy and elegant street wear, kidswear and cocktail party dresses. Not a strange combination if you consider the lifestyle of the Bali expat family. The line, which encompasses shoes, handbags and accessories, has spread across a staggering 12 countries, with six stores in Indonesia alone.

It looks like founder and creative directer Made de Coney has done well. The Brazilian-European designer, who has a natural sense of style, lets the season’s fabrics determine the creative direction for new collections. The results are ultra feminine curve skimming silhouettes that flutter in the breeze.

Lily Jean
Jln. Kayu Aya 88x Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 811 39 82 72


If you’ve purchased a few traditional hookahs over the years, then you’ll know there’s not a stack of aesthetic variety on offer. Well, we’ve got good news for you: Kalyan Bali makes the most off-the-hook glass blown hookahs known to mankind. Exquisitely designed for a high quality smoke and plenty of wow-factor, these hand crafted hookahs are simply stunning works of art. This is the ultimate gift for the social-smoker and art lover who’s hard to buy for. Although this is one piece you’ll definitely have to hand-carry on the plane.

Kalyan Bali art hookahs for sale

Kalyan Bali
Order online from kalyanbali.ru or contact kalyanbali1@gmail.com


The first time you walk into the Uluwatu Lace boutique, it will take every ounce of resistance to not buy THAT intricate white-lace umbrella. If you have a weakness for handcrafted lace work, you’ll know just how much work goes into producing each piece, and the cultural significance of the handicraft.

Uluwatu Lace has, for over 30 years, drawn on the incredible skills of local artisans to produce their high quality designs. In the store, you’ll find resort and casual wear, as well as bed and table linens (for the more practical purchaser). The quality and modern takes on traditional lace design are a far cry from the lace doilies of yesteryear.

Uluwatu Lace Handmade Lace Bali
Uluwatu Lace
Jalan Laksmana Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 735973


This place is the heaven of handbags and shoes. Independent label NAMU makes colourful frocks, stingray-leather clutches, chic purses, gorgeous sandals and men’s shoes that are utilitarian, vibrant and stylish all at the same time. We dare any fashionista to walk in and leave the store empty handed.

The store also stocks local labels in its perfectly curated collection. The level of quality you’ll find in NAMU is outstanding. In addition to its buying team’s serious taste, the store’s premise is utterly refreshing. But it gets better. NAMU is the best-priced designer boutique that you’ll find in Bali. Rejoice!

NAMU affordable high fashion boutique Bali

Jl. Petitenget 234X, Petitenget, Bali
Tel +62 361 279 7524


You can’t swing a cat around Seminyak without hitting a silver jewellery store. But unfortunately, most silver shops seem to miss the mark on originality and decent pricing. The one jewellery store in Seminyak that keeps breaking that mould is Sea Gypsy. It’s impossible to be disappointed when you take a look inside this chic Bohemian store, shining with pretty silver.

The range combines oriental motifs, the feeling of the ocean, and earthly elements into expertly crafted semi precious stone rings, crystal necklaces, delicate earrings, charm bracelets and irresistible pendants. If you’re a silver accessories girl, you’re going to fall in love with this store. Here, you’ll find special pieces that you never want to take off!

sea gypsy silver jewellery store bali
Sea Gypsy
48x Jln Laksmana, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 731769


Calling all eccentric dressers! Born on the whim of a trip to Costa Rica, Puravida embodies the spirit of Bali island living; colourful, unique and always fun. Think 70s inspired prints, soft cottons and hints of well travelled designers.

With 6 stores across the island including two in Seminyak and Kuta and one in Ubud and Nusa Dua, you’re never far from a prance through the pretty treats of Puravida.

Endless prints and colours at Puravida
Endless prints and colours at Puravida

Jl. Raya Seminyak 38b Seminyak
Tel: 0361 8475860


Blue Glue is a swimwear institution in Bali. The French brand of beachwear has made women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful, sexy and confident in a bikini for 12 years and counting. Featuring the largest and most varied collection of swimwear for all ages and lifestyles, dip your hand in this candy bowl of bikinis as many times as you can.

Best known for their unique geometric maillots, hand-sewn embellishments and smooth fabrics that feel like second skin, you’ll want to convert into a ‘Bluette’ after stocking up at the flagship store on Sunset Road. With swimwear for every occasion; glam styles like animal prints and gold hardware details that reflect the cliches of the feminine mind, to playful prints and stylish collections to take you from the runway to the beach club — you might just decide you want to live in a bikini, forever. Natasha Oakley does, and she’s a fan of the made-in-Bali bikini brand.

natasha oakley blue glue bikini bali

Blue Glue Bikinis Bali (Flagship store)
Jl. Raya Kerobokan (end of Sunset Road), Bali
Tel: +62 361 734820


Kiosk features a curated collection of designer clothing, accessories and homewares from around the globe. What they’re really known for is stocking the entire range of boutique Australian eyewear label Pared Eyewear, as well as one-off samples. Their mission is simple. Here, you’ll find a unique mix of hard-to-get quality clothing, accessories and homewares from around the world. Brands they stock include Handsom, Poms, The Beach People, Celeste Tesoriero, Petite Terre swimwear, Little Joe and many more independent hipster labels. Expect numerous squeals of delight.

Kiosk boutique Bali
Jl Kayu Cendana No.1 Seminyak, Bali
(Opposite Bali Bakery, Seminyak Square)
Tel: +62 361 837 1064

#13 21DGRS

Remember when Nicole Richie first launched her jewellery collection House of Harlow? And we all went crazy for the I-must-have-or-die Bohemian statement jewellery, but it was impossible to get outside the US and way too pricey?? Yeah, that really sucked. So if you’re (still) frantically searching for a jewellery collection similar to House of Harlow, we pray you find this page on Google.

The jewellery designs by 21dgrs are even edgier and heavier. Tribal designs and symbolisms inspired by animal mythology, alchemy, gypsy wisdoms and mysticism are inspiring us to buy everything. The brand combines a contemporary gypsy lifestyle with bohemian laissez-faire in their eclectic modern designs. Plus, the products are 100 percent hand made in collaboration with true artisans and specialised craftsmen in Bali and Indonesia, supporting local communities and families.

Jalan Raya Seminyak 47a Seminyak, Bali
Email: info@21dgrs.com


One part modern goth, two parts urban luxury, Limited Edition has a unique offering that includes brands such as Skingraft, E.G.R, Monarc1, Parts of 4, Johnny Ramli, Vintage Century, Eleven44, Enki, Shadowland. Epitomising the fearlessness that defines avante-garde fashion, a visit to this store is not for the faint hearted. “Too cool for school” would be an accurate descriptor.

Edgy and dark with lots of leather, lots of black, sophisticated cuts, heavy silver and raw crystal jewellery, this couture-biker closet also features unexpected touches of preppy and club chic. If you want to buy something really unique in Bali and inject your style with a Lenny Kravitz flamboyant rock vibe, then check out the Vintage Century line, only available at Limited Edition.

Limited Edition leather clothing bali
Limited Edition
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Bali
Tel: +62 361 9279344


Mercredi channels “tropical beach house” without the need to whitewash your living room as per “shabby boat house chic”. Let’s face it, we’re over the distressed look and a predictable colour pallete anyway. Check out the great range of bright neutral fabrics, deep wood furniture accessories, handblown glass ornaments and modern tapestries at this gorgeous homewares boutique.

Mercredi Bali designer homeware shop
Jalan Basangkasa (corner Jalan Kayu Aya), Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 361 735516


The founder of this exclusive indoor and outdoor furniture store spent 20 years in the Indonesian archipelago, exploring the vibrancy and varied culture of its people. What he witnessed then, inspires him today. Catering to the tastes and trends of both eastern and western cultures, Bagatelle creates high quality furniture for luxury properties around the world. If you’ve ever wanted your pad to look like a six star resort, then this is the place to stock up.

bagatelle bali furniture store
Jl.Kunti No. 4C Seminyak Bali 80361
+62 361 732 733


Established by a Danish designer, Karma Living makes fine furniture and lifestyle products – which you usually only see in the best restaurants and hotels – available to the public. Karma Living is all about clean lines, clever forms and Scandinavian shapes. If you went overboard with teak cabinets in the home years ago, here (and now) might be a good place to give your living rooms an update.

karma living furniture store bali
Karma Living
Jalan Petitenget No. 9A


We challenge you to introduce us to one woman who has walked by Lulu Yasmine and resisted the urge to pop in. Spark a debate in any cafe or restaurant in Seminyak over the best women’s boutiques and Lulu Yasmine is the name on everyone’s lips. This is the place where well-heeled women pick up the most original threads. Racks of exotic prints, bohemian chic silks, crepe, voile and chiffon hang alluringly in the window, impossible to ignore.

Lulu Yasmine
Jl. Raya Seminyak, No. 53 Seminyak


Warning: If you go crazy over delicately hand-beaded garments, then you’re going to lose your mind in Uma & Leopold. Hand embroidered by gifted artisans, the handwork is the finest you’re ever likely to see. The quality of the beads, sequins, embellishments and fabrics are just top class. And the pieces are not just for those who rock the sequin trend. The collections range from high embellished kaftan jackets *to die for* and studded cropped jackets (very mod), to textured dresses and elegant frocks with very simple-yet-intricate hems.

Uma & Leopold
Jl Kayu Cendana 8B, Seminyak


Steal Alexa Chung’s style at Milk & Roses. She’s their style muse when it comes to trendy street wear that’s fresh, light and easy to wear in the day. What to expect: Retro-chic with the elegant touch of southern French styling. The range is made from only natural materials, silk, linen, organic cotton (strictly no-polyester masquerading as wool, phew!). The collection is characterised by soft tones and silhouettes that feel sensual and elegant at the same time.

milk and roses bali shopping seminyak boutique
Milk & Roses


Designer Kukuh Zuttion of The Story Of began her creative career as a stylist working with internationally renowned brands, and on award winning movies including Eat, Pray, Love. Drawing inspiration from the diversely rich culture and heritage of Bali and the latest tropical trends, Kukuh breaks the mould when it comes to indie fashion. Take a detour from the usual suspect of outlets to shop at this quirky institution of hipster trends, playful shapes and edgy styling.

bali fashion boutiques the story of
The Story Of
Available at The Library Seminyak 37, and Zuttion Laksmana 49 Oberoi, Bali

*Bonus Tip* Where to stay in Seminyak

You’re going to need a hip villa to go with your new wardrobe, and a cozy place to put your feet up (or down – in the pool) after a long, hard day of trying and buying. And Bali’s collection of stylish villas in Seminyak will make you want to claim your holiday leave starting yesterday.

From eco-chic boutique resorts to the island’s most welcoming private villas, we’ve surveyed Bali’s most fabulous homes away from home. These stunners will get you motivated to book your shopping trip to Bali, read  12 super sexy stylish AirBnB villas in Seminyak and Petitenget and Eco-chic travel: environmentally responsible luxury villas & resorts to get your accommodation sorted.

boutique villa for rent seminyak

Plus, find more places to get pampered and partying in our guide to the stretches of Seminyak.