When it comes to choosing the most fabulous accommodation in Bali that money can buy, you’ll be amazed at the sheer abundance and variety of options available. No matter what your budget, you won’t have to settle for less than a jaw dropping villa. That is if you know where to look.

Bali’s boutique and five star hotels have had their moment. These days, a chic Bali vacay is all about staying in a beautiful villa in Seminyak. We think it beats a predictable chain stay any day of the week.

These stunning villas are giving Bali’s best hotels and resorts a run for their money.

Private villas in Bali are fully staffed with maids, drivers and even nannies and private chefs on request and at your service around-the-clock. It’s on another level of personalised service. Private villa staff are known for their warm hospitality. They’ll go beyond the call of duty to make sure you leave with a big, satisfied grin. Plus, you get an unbeatable level of privacy that only a private property can offer.

Split between a group of four or more, a stay works out to be a complete bargain in comparison to a resort. And it’s not just about the money: it seems no two villas are the same. So if you’re in the market for something with plenty of personality, a big hit of luxury, a dose of pampering and personalised service, then scroll down to hit the holiday villa jackpot!

Villas for rent in Seminyak — Sexy, stylish & always a surprising twist

I don’t know if you’re guilty of this, but for the longest time I held an outdated idea of what villas in Bali are supposed to look like. Outdoor areas with cushions, turquoise pools shaded by frangipani trees, teak floors, teak furniture, teak doors — teak everything.

Today, boutique villas in Bali look as though they’ve jumped out the pages of Architectural Digest.

That might have been the case years and years ago, but a new breed of commercial villa developers are completely changing the game.

We’ve rounded up the sexiest AirBnB villas in Seminyak and found ultra-modern properties with pools that go on forever, townhouse living inspired villas, out-of-control architectural villas, and even a few experimental villas that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And they’re yours to enjoy.

#1 Villa Bahama

The villa is made out a traditional joglo, the ornately carved timber was hand picked and transported over from Java where it was resembled in all its glory. Surrounded by lush gardens villa Bahama has a truly island feel. Opposite the main house is a smaller joglo with double bedroom and bathroom with its own private entrance.
Situated in a quiet area only 5 mins from Seminyak and Canggu.


Villa Bahama
Bedrooms: 3
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 2,100,000 (US$150)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/11026536

#2 Stylish 4-bedroom villa Seminyak

This snazzy four bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak is just a 5 minute walk to Petitenget Beach and Hu’u bar, one of Bali’s hottest uptown nightlife venues. The beach club trinity (Ku De Ta, Potato Head and W hotel) is a 5-minute taxi ride away, but with your very own private pool, jacuzzi, and a villa chef who’s happy to cater for an impromptu dinner party for 30 people, who said anything about leaving the premises?

This modern villa might look like just another fancy Balinese villa, but step inside and you’ll find interesting rooms decorated with rattan panels, open-air bathrooms tiled with granite blocks and wooden pathways over fish ponds. You’ll just have to check out the rest of the photos in the listings for yourself. This villa is to live for!

4 bedroom pool villa for rent seminyak bali

Stylish 4-bedroom villa Seminyak
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 10,210,200 (US$845)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/1809958

#3 Villa Cempaka 99

Now here’s an interesting and ultra modern 3-bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak that’s swapped pastel accent walls for cool concrete columns, and features a Zen spiral staircase as the focal point of the living room. The owners, who work in the furniture business, certainly went experimental with this property. And you know what? We love it!

villa cempaka 99 seminyak accommodation

Villa Cempaka 99
Bedrooms: 3
Minimum stay: 1 night
Nightly rate: IDR 4,324,320 (US$358)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/4112785

#4 Oberoi 4-bedroom pool villa

The bedrooms and living spaces of this four bedroom pool villa are housed in separate buildings, in the traditional Balinese style of living. Which makes it great for groups of couples. You just can’t put a price on privacy. The spaces flow through the massive indoor-outdoor living area and around a 14-meter lap pool. With Ultimo restaurant just a handy one-minute walk up the road, it’s practically like staying in a resort.

four bedroom villa for rent seminyak

Oberoi 4 bedroom pool villa
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 1 night
Nightly rate: IDR 3,603,600 (US$298)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/2354926

#5 Seminyak Beach Townhouse Villa

This hip 2-bedroom townhouse villa in Seminyak screams impromptu Instagram photoshoot. The Gilligan’s Island themed townhouse-boathouse-villa runs right through the whole house and poolside. We’re lost for words. Take us there now, please!

Seminyak Beach Townhouse Villa for rent Bali

Seminyak Beach Townhouse Villa
Bedrooms: 2
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 2,882,880 (US$239)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/2190084

#6 Villa Putih Sekali

Putih Sekali means extremely white in Bahasa. This extremely white 4-bedroom house combines traditional and modern Balinese living with a few colonial touches. Located on the beach side of Jalan Seminyak and tucked away in a quiet villa estate, you’re always moments away from the action, or a peaceful day by the pool. Fancy a facial? No problem. A cluster of boutique spas is just spitting distance from the property. And you’re just a few hundred meters from Jalan Oberoi, Bali’s ‘Eat Street’.

Villa Putih Sekali, Bali villas for rent in Seminyak

Villa Putih Sekali
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 1 night
Nightly rate: IDR 5,327,438 (US$441)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/3210257

#7 Villa Dolph

This one’s for the uptown couple. A boutique villa in Seminyak with a townhouse twist, that’s fully staffed and just 2 minutes from trendy Hu’u Bar, the W and Sarong restaurant. Getting around is easy from the villa. All you have to do is walk out onto Jalan Petitenget and hail a taxi. Style and location. Can we just move in? Forever??

boutique villa for rent seminyak

Villa Dolph
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 2 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 4,204,200 (US$348)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/3210257

#8 Bali Lifestyle Villa

Here’s a slick architectural villa in Seminyak’s fashion district that’s the perfect accessory to a Magali Pascal frock. Pose in the centre of this masterpiece or on the wooden deck by the lotus pond? Options, options… The living and dining spaces in this exquisite property call for a private chef and in-villa epicurean celebrations. The best part: they’ll arrange everything for you. The villa comes with seven full time staff, which probably out numbers the guests in most cases. How’s that for service?

Bali Lifestyle Villa for rent in Seminyak

Bali Lifestyle Villa
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 11,987,976 (US$992)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/209481

#9 Villa Aquak

No, we don’t fault you for mistaking this award winning 4-bedroom luxury villa for a beach club. Let’s hope someone remembered to book a DJ, because a Ku De Ta style private party is only a crate of vodka away. This villa was designed by some pretty serious architects (Gfab architects) who designed the Istanana in Bali and Phuket, and a couple of chic resorts in Koh Samui. You’ll want to round up a bigger crew. A villa this tasty deserves an epic blowout.

Villa Aquak, luxury 4 bedroom villa Seminyak

Villa Aqua
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 10,210,200 (US$845)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/1007411

#10 Villa Cinta Damai

Talk about a villa with wow-factor. This impressive beast of a luxury villa is a smashing venue to host a celebration. The owners reckon you can entertain up to 25 guests. We think that’s a wild understatement. The open plan kitchen and bar is the perfect setting for entertaining a ‘la Jamie Oliver, and the poolside looks like it could use a DJ. Why not? This is Bali after all.

Villa Cinta Damai, architectural villa for rent Seminyak

Villa Cinta Damai
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Nightly rate: IDR 6,186,180 (US$512)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/251336

#11 3-bedroom Seminyak pool villa

Although it’s a little smaller than the rest, we’re in love with this charming villa. Sometimes we’re not in the mood for floor to ceiling glass panels, we just want a cozy hideaway. Like going home to nana’s house for the holidays. At US$215 a night for a three bedroom villa in Seminyak, this place is a star find. You’ll feel right at home at in this weathered but much-loved beach house. Perfect for couples that don’t need a lot of space. Wink wink.

3 bedroom Seminyak pool villa

3 bedroom Seminyak pool villa
Bedrooms: 3
Minimum stay: 1 night
Nightly rate: IDR 2,582,296 (US$214)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/3167474

#12 Villa Fi

Set in a quiet Balinese community within walking distance to all of Seminyak’s best bits, this stunning architectural villa is for relaxation and privacy rather than parties. The property is more beautiful in real life than the photos capture (if that’s even remotely possible!). We wouldn’t mind retreating to this wonderfully private oasis after a long day of shopping.

Villa Fi for rent Seminyak Bali

Villa Fi
Bedrooms: 4
Minimum stay: 5 night
Nightly rate: IDR 5,251,870 (US$435)
Book it on AirBnB at www.airbnb.com/rooms/2051787

Shopping in Seminyak

If it’s been a while since your last shopping trip to Seminyak, then you really ought to come back to Bali *STAT!* and do some serious damage to your travel plastic.

In Bali, shopping’s not just a means to and end. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, a sport, and a top way to spend the day(s).

Fashion and furniture designers in Bali continue to raise the bar when it comes to the shopping and retail scene. The quality and thrilling uniqueness of handcrafted items such as leather shoes and handbags, runway-ready dresses and designer homewares is surpassing what you find in the west, and at the fraction of the price.

Do shops and boutiques in Seminyak accept credit cards? Yes, but you’ll get charged a processing fee of up to seven percent on purchases. Add crappy bank foreign exchange rate and your bargain buy just went up by ten percent. Worth it? Not really. Cash is always the way to go when shopping in Bali.

magali pascal best fashion bali

Ready to break up with fast fashion and mass produced goods? Here are two super detailed guides on everything you need to know about shopping in Seminyak and Bali:

From Oberoi & Petitenget: how to smash it in the stretches of Seminyak

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