Vegan Cafes In Bali


Bali’s top 10 most charming vegan and organic cafes

If you’re vegan or a lover of all things organic, Bali is your haven.

From vibrant gypsy style cafes serving luscious raw chocolates, to Bistros with imitation meat and  Lasagna that taste so real, even the most devoted meat-eaters, won’t spot the difference. Bali has become a paradise for those seeking ultimate health and a cleaner, healthier way of enjoying food. It boasts a large and extensive selection of  organic health foods and has something for everyone.

This is a comprehensive list of the top places in Bali to get your veggie fix or treat yourself, absolutely guilt free.

Zula Vegetarian Paradise -Seminyak

Price Range: 18,000-75,000 RP ($1.80- 7.50)

The sister of Down to Earth Cafe, this sweet little restaurant is a great intimate escape  from the crowded Seminyak scene.
An oasis for  vegans and vegetarian alike, the menu is bursting with various wholesome health food creations and,  like all good cafes it always  takes a while to pick what you want (because everything looks so good!)

As you enter the restaurant  a burst of  spice aromas engulf the nose. The earthy warm, washed tone of the walls, paired with the with the vibrant pillows and wooden chairs , feel like an instant invitation to relax and slow down your pace. You feel as though you’re entering the home of a longtime friend and about to share a  hot cooked meal together. Comfortable is the word that best describes this café,  it has great vibes and a  homey feel about it.

Zula puts a lot of effort  into the presentation of the food and those with an artistic eye and appreciation for attention to detail will be pleased. They serve  smoothies and cold juices in adorable gypsy style glass jars, beautifully rich in color and absolutely divine in taste.You can really taste the quality of the ingredients.

The marinated veggie burgers are a favorite amongst many. Hearty and satisfying,the homemade whole meal bread bun is both crunchy and thick and overflowing with delicious salad (wheat free available).They also come with a side of hot sweet potato fries. There is a choice of Chickpea or veggie Pattie.

Another classic on the menu  is  The Dragon Bowl. An assortment of freshly grated organic vegetables, pomelo (a citric fruit native to southeast Asia), Tempe, alfalfa sprouts and Avacado.Served on Buckwheat noodles, with Nori  and toasted sesame dressing. Along with the Sobu Salad, these are must tries.

You’ll  find cute little pepper shakers on the table filled with various seeds and aromatic spices which will enhance your meal and add massive flavor.

At the back of the restaurant, sits a vegan cake counter fridge with gorgeously crafted and gluten free delights. Try the tofu lemon cheese cake or the pie with succulent drizzling blueberry sauce, both are to die for.

If you enjoy a fine wine with your meal, there is a small collection of both red and white wines sold by the bottle, a great accompaniment to any of the delicious desserts. Or if a cold beer is more your thing, choose from a glass of Belgium’s famous Stella Artois or Hoegaarden even grab a long Neck of Indonesia’s very own Bintang.

Have you just finished a hard workout? Well don’t sweat it, Zula Vegetarian Paradise has you covered. Refuel with a “Potassium Magnesium” smoothie blend, a mix of banana, Fig and flax seed. Or perhaps a Energy booster “Lift on a difficult day” with sweet strawberry, soymilk and carob Molasses, It’s sure to get you up and running again in no time!

There is also a organic health food grocery store, with products spread throughout the restaurant. They sell everything From vegan  protein powders, to all natural peanut butters and animal cruelty free shampoos. They also stock homemade  muesli bars, organic raisins and lots of grains and mixed nuts. The variety here is impressive  and even  those who are gluten intolerant are catered for.

You will find Zula Vegetarian Paradise Restaurant on Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak.

Verdict: Even heavy meat eaters will adore this place, with it’s satisfying portion sizes and irresistible flavor kick. You’ll leave feeling satisfied and healthier than when you first strolled in.


Price Range: 45,000-95,000 ($4.50-$9.5)

A cute Raw vegan café for the Eco driven food enthusiast and avid vegan.It attracts the young and  hip and is a favorite among Ubud’s locals.

The food is of very high quality, clean and fresh. They offer vibrant health juices (try the “antioxidant blast ) and amazing raw chocolates and vegan desserts. The Live Pad Thai and the raw pizza are hits here and both absolutely loaded with healthy veg and salad. It should be noted though, that portions sizes are a little smaller than average (they make up for it in taste).

Very gregarious staff with happy faces, always ready to help. If you enjoy a friendly chat and uplifting vibes, this is your place! There are comfy bean bags to lounge on and the room although small, is very tranquil. Soma continues to offer amazing, down to earth hospitality and unique vegan cuisine, despite the heavy competition in the Ubud area. If you’re passing by, make sure to check them out. Verdict: Most certainty a joint that has mastered the vegan health movement and understands it’s customers down to an art. Drop in for some vegan health delights!

Yellow Flower Café

Price Range: From roughly 30,000 ($3)

The Yellow Flower Café makes you feel like you’ve entered another world. It’s like you’ve suddenly woken up and found yourself dining in a mystical and enchanting jungle.

An Indonesian alternative organic cafe for those bored with western food and keen to dig into Balinese culture. Although not all the meals are vegetarian, everything is organic and a whole lot of tender love goes into the  meals, and you can really taste it.

They have great juice and smoothies (try Papaya or Pineapple) and  tasty wheat free pancakes. And keeping up with the raw food trend in Ubud, they bake mouthwatering raw desserts. Get your hands dirty with some raw chocolates (listed as choc fruits on the menu), or calm down with a hot Latte.  They offer a bargain buffet on Sundays for 65,000.

Verdict: Nutritious, delicious and organic, need we say more? Pay them a visit.

Fresh Ingredients at Yellow Flower, Bali Fresh Ingredients at Yellow Flower Cafe

Green Ginger Noodle House

Price Range: 36,000-119,000RP ($3.60-$19)

Don’t be mislead by how small the place is because The green Ginger Noodle House is exceptionally good and perfectly styled.

Cozy and simple, they offer raw healthy soul food, lots of succulent fresh greens and vegetables and lots of variety in their menu.  Portions are big and satisfying. Popular for it’s well brewed hot chai, crunchy corn fritters and veg friendly tofu larb.

Service is great here and the staff are friendly. The atmosphere is eclectic and they have well decorated, vintage sheik designed seating in their cute courtyard. It is the ultimate place to enjoy some of their delicious mains and take in the beautiful view. Under the same ownership as  The Elephant in Ubud, The Green Ginger Noodle House is an absolute gem. Find them  located in the middle of Brawa , near Canggu club on 46 Jalan Pantai Berawa

Verdict: The only thing that you’ll be disappointed by, is that you taste it sooner!

Sari Organik 

Price Range: 60,000-80,000 ($6-8)

From Middle Eastern spicy Curries to fresh Indonesian Gago-Gado, this place has it all. Not 100% vegetarian but they have  many vegan and vegetarian dishes and it is all vegan.

Cushioned up amongst Ubud’s famously lush rice paddies, with a killer view and a fresh breeze as you eat. Although quite a hike to reach the restaurant (15-20 minutes through the fields), the journey is enchanting, soothing to the soul and highly therapeutic. All the food is grown right there in the fields next door on a model farm. They only serve the best, 100% Organic and sustainable produce.

The atmosphere is tranquil and very natural  and it puts you in a  peaceful dreamy state as you gaze out upon the scenery.

Tip: Come at Sunset! The restaurant is bright and open spaced  but simple.  True to Balinese style, you can choose to sit on the floor to eat your meal, propped up with some comfy cushions or on the cute little wooden chairs.The Food is wholesome, fresh and comforting, albeit slightly pricy if you’re watching how you spend. Favorites include: The wood oven pizza and Indian curry burrito. They also have great organic smoothies and Black and red rice available.

Second Location: Penestanan:Restaurant with connected  grocery store, featuring an array of organic produce all grown locally on their farm in Kintamani.

Verdict: Food may be slightly plain or tasteless to those not accustomed to organic wholefoods but it’s reassuring to know, it’s like this because there are no additives like MSG in the meals. it’s defiantly a health conscious person’s first choice though.

Earth Cafe

Price Range: 50,000-130,000 RP ($5-$13)

Under the same  ownership as Zula Vegetarian Paradise and Down To Earth, this  raw vegetarian restaurant is defiantly no exception in quality and boasts one of the largest health food grocery shops in Bali.

Shaped like a hut, this cute wooden paradise is a gem to  all health conscious eaters. They have a fridge stocked full with one hundred percent organic vegetables, a fantastic collection of health and holistic healing books for sale and cute yoga and gypsy style clothing adorn the walls. The restaurant is large and spacy. The tables are laden with comfy cushions and the sunshine shines brightly into the restaurant.  It has Amazing Ambience, Earth Café have certaintly done a great job creating atmosphere.

Their juices are fresh and vibrant, served in cute mason jars and leave you feeling uplifted and energized. You can select your own contents for the Salads  and the dressings are delicious. From falafal wraps to scrambled tofu with organic sweet potatoes to Seitan Schnitzels, when it comes to fine food, this Café doesn’t miss a beat. The Ginger beer is served with  edible straws made from sugar cane; The Raw desserts actually contribute to your health and to top it off, they have excellent coffee. You will find Earth Café next to  Guardian pharmacy on Jalan Lesmana, Oberoi, Seminyak.

Verdict: Always delivers in terms of taste and high quality vegetarian food. Can’t speak highly enough of this restaurant. Service sometimes a little slow but a great place to indulge in delicious gourmet food, completely and utterly guilt free.

Earth Cafe couches in Bali Earth Cafe via Eat Green Cake

Divine Earth

Price Range: 50,000 RP up ($5)

A new addition to Bali’s ever-growing vegan health food scene, Divine Earth serves 100% raw organic vegan and dehydrated fine cuisine. You can smell the freshness  as you walk in the door, this place is the dictionary definition of health.

Cold pressed juices and smoothies that will keep you coming back for more and your body thanking you, dining here is a  Truly divine experience. Feeling like something sweet? Try their vegan ice-cream or “cheese cakecake”. Favourite Main meals to dig into include the delicious pastas with Tempe “meatballs” and the Eggplant and Zucchini Moussaka stack with cashew cheese melt.

They have a sandwich and salad bar and serve thick soup to warm the soul in Bali’s dreary wet season. Appetizers include homemade almond bread with Garlic Pili Nut Butter or even Guacamole with veggie sticks. The variety is large and packs a huge taste punch. They offer free delivery in Seminyak area,. You can find them on Jalan Raya Basangkasa 1200A, Seminyak.

Verdict: Although pricy, perhaps a litle small and compact,Divine Earth offers something truly different. A cute little café to enjoy food in it’s most pure and healthy form, Raw and vegan! Give it a visit on your next trip through Seminyak!


Price Range: 85,000-130,000 RP ($8.50-$13)

A gorgeous bistro style café that is worth your visit! This double story health food hot spot, located right in the heart of Ubud is well know for its Classic Charm and hospitable service. Their menu is organic and they offer fresh flavorful whole food that keeps the crowds rolling in. The coffee is great and the pottery mugs that they serve it in, are a masterpiece on their own.

Kafe offers Yummy and healthy brekkies for the early risers including delicious pancakes. Must tries include blueberry served with a side of ice-cream and  buckwheat with pear and ginger.

The veggie burgers are made with love and come with a tasty Salsa in a adorable ceramic glazed bowl . The raw organic Cake and pastries are presented in a beautiful fridge cabinet, try the Raw keylime Pie, a heavenly tangy sensation, but be warned; one is never enough. Favorite mains on the menu  include: The vegetarian “Tuna steak”, The raw ravioli and any of their awesome salads or hot soups. All the food has unique combinations of flavors and great texture.

The Vibe in Kafe is very relaxed and new age. Humorous picture frames line the walls; “Unattended children will be given espresso and free kitten”. There’s a  clock with cute reminders such as “time to nap” at 4.30pm and the beautiful red feature wall will catch your eye. Kafe sells a large collection of postcards and a whole shelf full of books. Combine that with the home-style wooden chairs outside, (positioned so perfectly to catch the breeze), add a coffee or juice, and you’ve found yourself the perfect spot to dig into your favorite novel that you’ve been meaning to read for so long. Their catch phrase “Great Music, healthy foods, yummy desserts and true espresso” is a great overview of all this place has to offer.

Kafe’s Location is very easy to find. Just head on down to Jalan Hanoman 44B, one of the main roads in Ubud.

Verdict: The food tastes as good as It looks. if you want to eat well and enjoy the atmosphere of Ubud , all at the same time, Kafe is the place to do it.

The Elephant restaurant and Bar

Price Range: 50,000-110,000 ($5-$11)

A highly recommended vegetarian restaurant that consistently lives up to it’s good name. Tucked back off the main road ,looking above  the beautiful Campuhan Ridge river valley. It has magical green scenery and a view that will take your breathe away. Featuring a gorgeous serene little garden, this place is truly a glorious find.

Plenty of variety on the menu, with local healthy ingredients. Myriad juices, crunchy greens and hearty mains to satisfy even the biggest hunger. Portions sizes are also very generous at The Elephant. Favorites  on the menu  include The Potato Rosti. Pad Thai is also a winner here. With amazing raw vegan chocolate cake and banana caramel cake, if you’re a sweet lover, you will be spoilt for choice. Grab a  hot Chai Latte with Cashew milk or a frothed Café Macchiato  or even  a crepe with fruit salad. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Verdict: With Swinging seats to rest your tired legs up on and and vegetarian cuisine that will make you feel like you’ve been to heaven and back; this is the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and ponder life and how great it is!

Vego heaven at Elephant Restaurant via Award Travel Wisdom

The Seeds of Life

Price Range: Roughly 50,000-115,000 ($5-$15)

Very popular for it’s raw vegan desserts, this place is off the  charts for food innovation and attention to detail. The ambiance of this place makes it an awesome hangout spot to enjoy with friends or even a haven to enjoy  on your own (think Raw Tiramisu and your favorite book).

Favorites on the menu include: The pesto raw pizza with amazing fillings and taste ,the Sushi and the Better than Beef Lasagna. It’s crazy how much some of their meals taste and resemble real meat (great for non-veg friends tagging along) but you can be reassured in knowing  everything here is 100% vegetarian or vegan friendly. Finish your meal with some Banana crème pie or a slice of Lavender Ice cream Cake and  life will feel complete.

Seeds of Life also  have a Taoist Tonic bar serving  soothing Tonics and Elixirs to heal and cleanse the body.

Verdict:We love it for it’s uniqueness and creativity. A place of passion and love for food,  Vegans and vegetarians, you know where to go!