Bali Bakery Kuta opened its doors in 1994 and never been busier. Constantly creating new things and revamping the tired treats, this bakery always has something delicious to taste. You name it they have it; breads, pastries and cakes, things that will satisfy the savoury or sweet toothed people out there.

This bakery has long opening hours so you have no excuse to not pop in for a visit. Starting at 7.30am and closing at 10.30pm, they are open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Their a la carte menu has a wide array of delicious things for you to fill up on and the atmosphere is so relaxing that you may lose several hours here.

Coffee and cake is something that we all love to do every now and again so the casual setting is perfect for meetings or just a morning reading the papers. You won’t need a booking for a small group but it wouldn’t hurt to call up if you are planning some kind of event. They pride themselves on the fact that they are not just a bakery, so you can also get the dedicated and skilled chefs to cater for parties and other soirees you might be having.

Locals, ex pats, tourists and just about everyone else in between can be seen having a but to eat when you visit Bali Bakery. Midday during the week is definitely their peak time, so if you don’t fancy waiting in a line then we suggest you go before or after the rush. You will enjoy the setting inside as it has been designed to give off warm cosy feelings.