Bali National Golf Club, located in the exclusive resort environment of Nusa Dua, has everything you could ever dream of, combining breathtaking views, an easy-to-get-to location, lovely seaside air and a tropical wonderland setting that is sure to please even the harshest critic. The golf course was deemed one of the top five best golf courses in Asia by Fortune magazine, and promises to provide an incredible golfing experience.

The golf course is all about accommodating all kinds of players, from beginners and casual weekend players to professionals, and no matter where you fit in you’re sure to have a relaxing and hugely enjoyable time. The golf course layout is designed to be challenging but achievable, and the little touches like perfectly maintained greens, great customer service and loads of facilities ensure nothing gets in the way of the guests’ golfing. Golf legends such as Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnam and Colin Montgomery have all played at the Bali National Golf Course.

The course is distinctive in that it offers two very different nine holes. The front nine lures golfers into hills covered in rainforest via creeks, canyons and vegetation teeming with tropical birds, and then moves on to spectacular settings overlooking the Indian Ocean and East Bali’s volcanic mountains. The back nine teases with enormous coconut groves and lush green fairways and finishes up with the Indian Ocean at your feet.

The course offers the following additional facilities: clubhouse with Indian Ocean views, two bars and two halfway houses with food and drink, electric golf carts with mini bar, professional rental sets and shoes, and group events and tournaments.