Bat Cave drop-off dive is the best of several stunning drop-offs found at Menjangan Island, a protected island accessible only by boat in the West Bali National Park. The site is named after the above-water caves along the reefs that are filled with hundreds of rare species of bats. The Bat Cave is a popular diving spot because of the mild to moderate currents there, making it suitable for snorkellers and divers of any level. It is also a favourite spot amongst photographers who know it to be one of the best underwater places in Bali to get some incredible shots, especially in the crisp early morning light. All in all, it makes for a spectacular dive and is a must-see for most visiting divers.

The Bat Cave diving site is quite easy to reach by boat, and is located south of Menjangan in a half-submerged cave at Buccament Bay. It starts at three metres deep and goes down to forty metres at its deepest. Soft corals and gorgonian fans are just part of the rich reef life you can see here, and the dive will also bring you into contact with lobsters, and possibly a leopard shark and eagle ray. The deep crevices and cracks of the drop-off house all kinds of elusive sea creatures, and you might even spot a big-eyed jack. Hard and soft corals, octopuses, turtles, snakes, reef sharks, scorpion fish, shrimp and moray eels are more of the marine life you will quite likely meet. Some divers have even claimed to see a whale shark.