Batur Natural Hot Spring is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and soaking away all your troubles. The area is well known for its outdoor activities as the location of the hot springs is right next to Batur Lake and Mount Agung. You will be able to take in all the surroundings from just about any of the pools, with a 360 degree panorama views of the attractions.

Your experience in the naturally occurring baths will enrich and soothe as the healing qualities in the water are said to be quite magical. There are many different pools to choose from including one set at just the right temperature to calm your sunburn, or you can work your way through all of them. The warmer water temperatures may suit only some visitors to the hot springs and there is a cold water pool to refresh yourself off in, as they do recommend you to start at the hotter pools first.

There is one larger and quite deep pool situated on the lip of the lake where you can spend the afternoon checking out the view and relaxing on the deck. You may choose to eat your lunch here or move on to the onsite restaurant. At the beautiful outdoor venue you can expect to be served the most delicious traditional Balinese food and also some contemporary western dishes appear on the menu. By far the favourite dish to try is from the ‘lake menu‘ as everything there has been caught fresh form Lake Batur. Everything at the restaurant is MSG free and they focus on trying to use local organic produce whenever it is available tot he chefs.