The Gourmet Café is in Kuta, very close to Denpasar City, and it is open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, serving a range of high-quality meals made from fresh ingredients that will please even the fussiest foodie. Some regular favourites include Eggs Benedict, quiche, and their Italian-style coffee which they serve with a small biscuit. The café also offers cereals, juices, smoothies, pastries, pies, barbeque chicken, salad and gourmet breakfast meals that are delicious but can set you back 150,000 IDR. It’s the perfect place to grab a quick eat-in meal or roast chicken and gravy to take home for dinner later.

The eatery has a build-your-own salad or sandwich concept that makes it popular with many health-conscious guests or those with dietary requirements. You can choose your own desired ingredients and toppings, and that way you can avoid too much dressing and control how much oil and salt is in your meal.

The staff are friendly and efficient, and the establishment is very clean, with a sophisticated but restful atmosphere. The café is air-conditioned with a modern layout and though smoking is not allowed indoors, there are outdoor smoking areas in the shade outside. Gourmet Café is definitely the place to go for a satisfying brunch after a night out, and though its prices might be more than most other cafes, it’s still considered cheap by Australian standards and many find the quality of the food and service well worth the price.