Hungry Bird Coffee is a sweet little café in Canggu, instantly recognisable by the quirky illustrated bird logo that adorns a large sign on the side of the building. Many flock daily to grab a quick cup of coffee or linger over a scrumptious breakfast, enticed by the coffeehouse’s low prices and well-known quality. The venue is decorated in a turquoise and white colour scheme with wooden accents, and combined with the quirky porcelain and wooden cups and plates, the effect is cosy, a little retro, and totally appealing.

The café takes its coffee seriously, offering a range of locally sourced Indonesian beans that are freshly ground and prepared to perfection. The result is all in the cup. Not only is the extraordinary latte art a testament to the barista’s creative skills and pride in his work, the taste is full-bodied and immensely satisfying. And at about $1.80 per drink, you’ll be short of reasons not to make it your regular haunt.

Besides the fantastic coffee, Hungry Bird has a moderately sized menu for breakfast and lunch. The chicken sandwich is an absolute winner, and their granola is fresh and filling, with just the right amount of sweetness. They also provide fresh-made seasonal juices and lemonades for a refreshing alternative to their widely sought-after brews.

If you’re fussy about finding a good drip, then Hungry Bird Coffee might just be the place for you. It’s open all week except Sundays from 8 – 5.