Lake Bratan is located in the area of Begugul, specifically, the village of Candikuning in the Baturiti district. It is approximately 55 kilometers from Denpasar city and takes around 2 – 3 hours to reach by car or bus, depending on traffic.

The lake itself sits at 1240 meters above sea level which means the temperature is somewhat cooler and less humid than what you would normally expect near the beach, so if you plan on visiting make sure you take a few layers. Lake Bratan’s surface area covers 375.6 hectares, is 12 kilometers in circumference and has an average depth of 22-48 meters. It is the second largest lake on the island of gods and acts as an incredibly important part of central Bali’s irrigation system.

Listed as one of the worlds most beautiful lakes, this spot will take your breath away once you are standing in front of it. Tourists from all over the world including inside Indonesia make the pilgrimage to visit this attraction. The mountains make the perfect backdrop for budding photographers and trips out on the lake itself can give you a much greater understanding of the surroundings.

Ulun Danu Temple is located on the edge of Lake Bratan and is said to date back to 17th century. It is the temple of worship to the goddess Danu (in Balinese Dewi Danu) who is linked with water and fertility. The reflection of the temple on the water in the morning sun is quite a spectacular sight as the mist descends upon the mountains high above. Staying in this area wasn’t always possible but these days there are multiple options for adequate and comfortable accommodation and also many small places to dine.