Moka Café and Bakery is a chain of cosy cafés with several different locations across the island of gods. Seminyak was the first venue they opened way back in 1997 and they have opened a huge 4 stores in Canggu, Ubud, Bukit Jimbaran and Sanur in less than 10 years. The expansion of the business is a true testament to their wonderful food, drink and of course their lovely staff.

Since opening their store in Bukit Jimbaran, an additional kitchen has come alive in Denpasar that boast new equipment and has a modern edge to it. There they have different products that they were previously not able to supply on demand. A large choice of delicious handmade breads, cakes and pastries are available throughout the group of stores.

Moka Café and Bakery was the first european style eatery that opened in Bali and they do make all the effort in the world to ensure a pretty authentic experience. The coffee is spot on and the service is great. You will feel at home in their shops as they have been designed for comfort during dining.

The menu is extensive to say the least, but wont put to much of a dent in your budget. All the breakfast favourites like eggs Florentine and fruit salad are there but they have also made some more creative additions in the Mexican breakfast, the tropical breakfast and the trekking breakfast. The lunch options won’t disappoint you either with many sandwiches (made with their bread of course), quiches, pies, pizzas and croissants. For dinner you can expect anything from pasta, to salad to seafood and soup, and with tapas list as long as your arm you will want to try an entree as well. Just make sure you visit with an empty stomach!

Moka Café is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from 07:00am until 10:00pm.