Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation is much more than it sounds like. This spectacular site is located in the hills of North Bali, not too far from the central lake district. The terrain in this area is quite the sight, with rice fields, jungle, coffee trees and many other things being grown in crops.

You will experience unbridled luxury upon you arrival at Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation Nature Resort and Spa. It is a stunning boutique hotel that is located right in the middle of the working plantation. The property is set on only 5 hectares of land and has several private villas to stay in. The surroundings make this place incredibly private and you will be able to relax very easily as it is very quiet.

North Bali has been spared of big imposing developments so far, making it a very popular place for people looking for a more traditional style getaway. As Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation is a resort in the mountains, the weather is a a lot cooler than places near the coast further south. The views are equally as beautiful in this area with rice terraces completing the stunning panorama.

The plantation resort is committed to working with the locals to preserve and protect the agricultural integrity to enable the community to gain employment through farming the produce. Around this spot are many villages and other small plantations which are steeped in much history and culture. Luckily, a lot of the places you will visit in this are have been untouched and tourism is still something they are becoming familiar with.

If you’re more of an adventurer than a vacationer, then there is plenty for you to do upon a visit to Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation. Activities can be arranged by the staff at the resort including mountain treks and hikes, and horse riding under the canopy of the rain forest. The views you will witness during your adventures are second to none. Afterwards you can relax in the resort spa or have a dip in their crystal clear infinity pool. At night you will need to rug up because there you can enjoy your time outside by their cosy bonfire and maybe even toast some yummy marshmallows.