Calling all coffee connoisseurs, if you are in Bali and need to get yourself a hit of that caffeinated goodness, then Seniman Coffee Studio is the place to go. Brewed with love and passion, the coffee here it is like liquid gold. Their gorgeous retail space and café is located in the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud and is well worth the trip to see, smell and taste it.

And boy do they know their business! Active members of The Specialty Coffee Association, they qualified to grade the beans, train baristas and judge coffee making competitions. These guys have been featured on many TV shows and been written up in magazines, won a truck loads of prestigious awards and most importantly, served up a gazillion bloody brilliant coffees to visitors from all over the world. There is not much they can’t do it seems!

Not only is Seniman Coffee Studio a café but they also sell beans and equipment, hold training sessions for budding baristas, and of course they roast their own beans – how anyone has the time to keep up all this good work is a total mystery! The beans that are roasted daily are hand selected by the mad about coffee brains behind this operation. Single origin beans from Indonesia might be on offer one day and then a brew from Central America the next. This is why it is super important to have a chat to the staff, they don’t bite! Their knowledge on coffee is boundless and they are only too happy to impart some wisdom onto eager listeners.

Open form 8am until 7pm, there are many hours in the day for you to head in for a visit. Serving breakfast and lunch to hungry bellies is also part of what they do at Seniman Coffee Studio, because good coffee deserves to be paired with equally as good food. The Seniman team pride themselves on understanding that there is an art to great customer service and experience, great products, and great design – and they seem to be totally nailing it. Finally, an honourable mention must go to the eclectic mix of tunes that play through their speakers, the perfect soundtrack to sip coffee to.