West Bali National Park is a travel destination for the nature lover and the adventurer. The park, also known as Taman Nasional Bali Barat is Bali’s only national park and is the perfect eco getaway when you’ve had enough of Bali’s big tourist hauls and is home to a huge catalogue of native plants and animals.

The way in which you explore the park is up to each traveller’s own taste, may it be to relax in peace and quiet away from big tourist hubs, or adventure through the wilderness, letting free your inner David Attenborough. Accommodation is available to suit both ends of the budget spectrum. 

Adventurers may like to opt for a two day trek or a diving and snorkelling day trip, on which you will be sure to come across plenty of beautiful wildlife. Guided treks can be arranged from either the park headquarters at Cekik or the Labuhan Lalang visitors centre on the northern coast of the park. Treks are guaranteed to encounter an array of animals such as deers, monkeys and exotic birdlife. Diving and snorkelling trips also operate from the Labuhan Lalang centre, and with no rips or dangerous currents to worry about in this area you are free to float, swim and explore at your own leisure.

If you haven’t seen enough flora and fauna by this point, make your way to the Bali Starling rehabilitation centre, a refuge and habitat for what has been said to be the rarest bird in the world. You are sure to be able to spot the majestic white feathered blue faced on more than one branch.

West Bali National Park is the perfect place to come to rejuvenate and fill up on fresh air and beautiful scenery after the hustle and bustle of Bali’s major tourist destinations.